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Read the label on your vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Even in premium supplement brands you will find added chemical compounds that are potentially harmful, like the ubiquitous “flow agent” magnesium stearate, found in virtually everything on the market. Many supplements also contain titanium dioxide used as pigment, as well as artificial colors and flavors, sugars, gelatin, GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides…the list of less than desirable ingredients goes on.

Food Research supplements are dramatically different. The only binders/fillers ever used for our tablets is purified water and organic brown rice when necessary. Plain and simple healthy ingredients are all that is needed.

So if you’re fussy about what’s in your supplements, read the labels! And then try Food Research 100% natural and organic food products with no synthetics or artificial anything! Here’s to your health!

Food Research products are 100% pure food formulas. No ground-up rocks or industrially processed synthetics. No pesticides or herbicides. No GMOs. No artificial binders or fillers. All of our products are 100% natural and organic whole foods. Glandular products are sourced exclusively from animals raised naturally in New Zealand and Argentina. Our fruits, vegetables, and herbs are wild-crafted or organically grown hydroponically in an FDA registered facility. Cold fused and low temperature processing with meticulous testing and quality control ensures consistent superior quality.

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