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Food Supplements Market is not Food Research International but we are a supplier of Food Research products. The entire line of these fine 100% food vitamin, mineral, herbal and glandular formulas are available directly to consumers through this website.


The research group for Food Research International, LLC is headed by Dr. Robert Thiel, director of Food Research, Inc. Dr. Thiel holds a Ph.D. in nutritional science. He is a licensed Naturopath who maintains a natural health clinic in Arroyo Grande, California. Author of four books and a renowned researcher and lecturer, Dr. Thiel received the Leadership Award from the Orthomolecular Health Medicine Society and was named Research Scientist of the Year, Physician of the Year, and Disability Researcher of the Year by the ANMA, America’s largest naturopathic medical association.


To enhance people's lives and vitality by providing them with 100% natural whole food supplements so they can live well, long, and strong and spend their time on the things that really matter in life.

Our Pledge To You

Food Supplements Market is deeply committed to our mission of enhancing our customers’ health and vitality so that our customers can stay committed to the things that are most important in their lives.

Why Food Research Products?

  • No Synthetics

  • No Toxins

  • No Groud-Up Rocks

  • Non-GMO

  • 100% Food Nutrients

  • Dietary Supplement


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