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Detox Teas: Are They Worth It?

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2016 is the year of detox teas. But, maybe you’re already aware of this if you’ve scrolled past pictures of celebrities showing off their favorite detox teas on Instagram or Facebook. The question is, do they actually work?

The issue with detox teas is people don’t always have the time to brew a cup of tea, and detox teas don’t always taste the best. Why not make it easier? Food Research offers two products, Detox-N-Cleanse and Liva DeTox & Support, that are natural supplements compared to most detox teas out there.

Detox-N-Cleanse is a capsule that supports colon health, cellular health, and aids in the detoxification of toxic metals and pesticides. Liva DeTox & Support is another capsule that supports a healthy liver and lymphatic system, and deals with pollutants. Neither of these products have toxins, synthetics, GMOs, and they’re both gluten-free.

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