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Superior whole food supplements… where have you been all my life?

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Food Research ProductsFor the first time ever, this remarkable line of whole food supplements is available directly to the public. Previously, people had to go through their health care professionals to purchase Food Research products. Now anyone that wants natural and organic whole food supplements with no preservatives, synthetics, GMOs, artificial binders or fillers, can order directly from this site. These products are made for you! Cold fused and low temperature processed, with meticulously testing and quality control. You can’t ask for anything better!

Looking for something in particular? You can search by product, ingredientcondition or category. Everything on this site is very easy to find.  For example, if you’re looking for Vitamin B, there are a number of products that will come up as results for that category. You can click through to see all the ingredients on each item. Some are vegetarian formulas, some are not. Some are solely B vitamins and some are B’s combined with other nutrients. Read the attributes and choose the one that’s right for you.

Food Research is a full line of natural whole food supplements, with dozens and dozens of products, distributed to patients by health care professionals for many years. Like a lot of people, I started becoming more and more conscious and concerned that my pricey top-shelf supplements contained fillers and additives like magnesium stearate or steric acid (which is in almost everything.)  Food Research NEVER uses artificial or chemical additives. The only filler/binders ever used are organic brown rice or pure water. 

Way too many “natural” vitamins turn out to be processed with petroleum derivatives or hydrogenated sugars. They contain no food of any kind and must be taken with specific foods for maximum absorption. This is not at all what I thought I was paying for. Food Research products, on the other hand, are 100% whole food from natural and organic sources. They can be taken anytime and are easily absorbed by the body.

The Food Research supplements site is now live and you can purchase these superior products directly. We have arrived!

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