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The Eyes have it: 100% pure food Complete Eye Health

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Eye strain, aging...there are lots of factors that can stress our eyes. One of my co-workers was having some issues with his eyes and he started taking Complete Eye Health. He said at his next scheduled appointment with the Ophthalmologist there was measurable improvement. If you are interested in trying a 100% natural food supplement with no synthetics or harmful additives, our Naturopath suggests Complete Eye Health. It contains nutrients, glandulars, and herbs to maintain and support healthy eye function.

Food Research Complete Eye Health is a 100% pure food, gluten-free formula. No ground-up rocks or industrially processed synthetics. No pesticides or herbicides. No GMOs. No artificial binders or fillers. All of our products are 100% natural and organic whole foods. Glandular products are sourced exclusively from animals raised naturally in New Zealand and Argentina. Our fruits, vegetables, and herbs are wildcrafted or organically grown hydroponically in an FDA registered facility. Cold fused and low temperature processing with meticulous testing and quality control ensures consistent superior quality.

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