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I heart Magnesium: 100% pure food Magnesium Complex

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Did you know that Magnesium is crucial for the proper functioning of our bodies? It helps your heart, your blood pressure, and your bones. According to sources like WebMD, adults who consume less than the recommended amount of magnesium are more likely to have elevated inflammation markers associated with heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other diseases.

Who knew? If you don’t get enough magnesium in your diet, you can take a supplement. What you don’t want is a magnesium supplement that’s made from ground-up rocks with chemical additives and binders, which describes most of the magnesium supplements in the world. What you do want is 100% pure food magnesium, packed with nutrients, and easy to digest. I have a suggestion.

Food Research Magnesium Complex is a 100% pure food, vegetarian, gluten-free formula. No industrially processed synthetics. No pesticides or herbicides. No GMOs. No artificial binders or fillers. All products are 100% natural and organic whole foods. Our fruits, vegetables, and herbs are wildcrafted or organically grown hydroponically in an FDA registered facility. Cold fused and low temperature processing with meticulous testing and quality control ensures consistent superior quality.

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  • Greg Castro

    Whole food is always a great source.

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