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You probably know that pollution in the air is bad for the environment. Did you know, however, that certain toxins can pollute our own bodies? Food Research’s Detox-N-Cleanse supplement is a miracle worker when it comes to protecting the body from pollution, as well as supporting colon and cellular health. It assists with the detoxification of toxic metals and pesticides.

Detox-N-Cleanse is a synergistic blend of food and food extracts. It supports a healthy colon, urinary, metal, and other detoxification. It is a 100% vegetarian food supplement, and contains nutritious ingredients such as wildcrafted cilantro, wheat grass, and sesame seed. All capsules are gluten free.

Food Research contains no synthetics, no toxins, and no GMOs. With 1-9 capsules a day, Detox-N-Cleanse will have you feeling refreshed and brand new. Pollution can be a serious and harmful issue, but detoxifying your body will prevent any pollution as well as keep you very healthy.

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