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You wake up over tired and immediately pour your usual cup of coffee.
PAUSE. Rewind.
While coffee may be great for that instant pick-me-up gratification, there may be a better energy supplement with long term benefits included.
According to the National Cancer Institute, some studies have shown promise that tea consumption can lead to a reduced risk of ovarian cancer, among other cancer types. As the main reproductive glands of the female body, ovary health is a major area of importance.
Drinking green or black tea is just one way you can increase your ovarian health. Simply Ovary by Food Research is another way. Simply Ovary contains many substances produced by or naturally in the glands including peptides, hormone precursors, and enzymes. This helps supports female reproductive health, proper female functions, and positive mood.
For your overall ovarian health, try Simply Ovary, a 100% pure whole food supplement with no synthetics, toxins, or GMOs.

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