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Protect Your Heart During American Heart Month

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February is known as American Heart Month, coincidentally the same month as the holiday of love.

Regardless of how you’re celebrating (or not celebrating) Valentine’s Day, this February it’s important to protect your heart in more ways than one. Whether you’re enjoying some sweets with your sweetie, or listening to “Love Stinks” on repeat, keep in mind these healthy ways to celebrate your heart this month.

1. Get Active. Bundle up and get outside! Go for a walk, try sledding or skiing, or visit a local ice skating rink.
    2. Eat at home. Instead of going out to eat, make a delicious yet nutritious meal at home. That way you can better control your food intake.
      3. Skip the Sweets. Fruits are just as sweet as any candy. Swap out the cliche box of chocolates for a fresh fruit basket. Your heart will thank you.
        4. Food Research Supplements. Get help from one of Food Research’s 100% food supplements that are made to support heart health.
            • Simply Cardio supports optimal heart muscle health.
            • Cardio-Power supplies nutrients, glandulars, and herbs needed to maintain and support optimal cardio-muscle health.
            • CoQ10-Cardio supports a healthy heart and provides superior antioxidant protection for the whole cardiovascular system.
          Stay tuned throughout American Heart Month as we feature each of these heart-healthy 100% food supplements from Food Research.

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