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Build Lung Health and Breathe Easier

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Colder weather has arrived and is bringing a slew of ways to catch infection, colds, and the flu. Take a deep breath and be proactive about your health this time of season by building your immune system, supporting your lungs, and fighting off bronchial ailments.

Start with your diet. If you want to breathe better, stack whole grains, beans, and nuts on your plate as they can support lung health. Complement this with regular daily exercise to get up and moving, especially when cold weather and shorter daylight may sway you to stay inside nice and cozy. Swap out the treadmill for a yoga class to learn and practice helpful measured breathing.

To supplement these tips, improve your immune system and lungs with whole food supplement Aller-Lung Support by Food Research. It is rich in Vitamin C from wildcrafted acerola cherries and is made of 100% real food nutrients to support immune function and help the body produce less mucous from congestion so you can breathe better.

Support optimum lung health with Aller-Lung Support!


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