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Conga-Immune — A Natural Throat Health Supplement

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It’s wintertime, and when winter hits – your overall throat health should be priority. When you begin to feel under the weather, consider a natural, long-lasting remedy — the Conga-Immune 100% food supplement.

This supplement is packed with herbs vital for immune support. It contains bovine bone marrow, which is helpful in producing lymphocytes for your body’s immune system. In general, bone marrow creates b lymphocytes (or B cells) which are used by your thymus gland to fight certain infections.

Along with this, the bovine thymus tissue in this supplement helps support a healthy thymus gland function.

Each Conga-Immune capsule is a natural immune support power punch for these cold winter months – and every season! Enhance your immune health and support your thymus gland with Conga-Immune. 

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