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mow lawn energyAt least once every summer, after mowing his nearly perfect lawn or weeding the border, my good-natured neighbor would wipe his brow and say ‘My get up & go got up and left!’. Some clichés really resonate! We all can get stretched pretty thin between work, play, household chores, and relationships. If you’d like to have more energy to get through your to-do list, consider the virtues of a healthy diet with lots of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, daily exercise and all-food supplements from Food Research.  

There are lots of foods that provide energy with recommended lists from various reliable sources. Beets, broccoli, green tea, almonds, lemon water and wild-caught salmon cover a lot of bases. Staying hydrated, eating a light supper, and getting enough sleep are among the suggested energy boosters.

You can add super-foods like raw cocao, chia seeds, coconut and flax seed oil. Or modify your behavior by getting more sun, standing up and walking around for a few minutes frequently, sitting up straight, and breathing deeply.

You can also cut yourself some slack by taking a nature walk, curling up with a good book, meditating or playing with your dog or cat. Stress relief and energy boosting work hand in hand.

Take some simple steps to energize your life. And consider the virtues of all-food formulas that can help boost energy like Simply Cardio, Migratrol, Vegetable Tyrosine and other high quality supplements from Food Research.

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