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Feel Good This Winter With Vegetarian Tyrosine

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Protect your health and stay active this winter, both in mind and body. Let the rest of them hit snooze and stay under the sheets, let the short days make them sway into a walking slumber. All while you keep moving forward, energized, building your momentum and leaving winter illnesses in the dust.

Now is the time of year when it seems brash germs pick out the stressed and slow among us, and attempt to latch on and spread into contagious illnesses that can last for days, if not weeks.

Pair our D Complex supplement, which is an effective means to strengthen your immune system this winter, with our Vegetarian Tyrosine, and you may feel unstoppable.

Tyrosine is an amino acid within you—it’s a building block of protein and is used by the adrenal glands and thyroid.

If your body is working properly, you’ll be able to naturally convert phenylalanine—another building block amino acid— into tyrosine. Unfortunately, many people have issues adequately producing tyrosine. This in part makes Vegetarian Tyrosine a best seller here at Food Research.

Our Vegetarian Tyrosine is GMO-free, gluten-free, and without synthetics or toxins. It’s intended to supply the nutrients needed to provide high quality vegan tyrosine and its support factors. It can be helpful to support mood, improve focus, ease stress, and enhance energy.
    A healthy body and a healthy mood is a healthy approach in brushing off those winter illnesses and getting things done!

    Almost all tyrosine supplements sold on the market are sold from GMO sources or come from animal sources. We import ours from a specific source in Spain so you can have the real thing: 100% food nutrients in a vegetarian formula.

    Boost your wellbeing and order Vegetarian Tyrosine today!

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