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Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s the season of love, so don’t let the cold weather negatively affect your heart health. With temperatures dropping, your risk of a heart attack is actually rising. Many people know that cold weather can increase blood pressure and raise cholesterol, but did you know that it can also make your blood more likely to create heart-threatening blood clots? The risk of a heart attack increases about 31% on days when temperatures drop below zero when compared to the warmer months.

Rising cholesterol levels are a result of your blood vessels tightening and increasing blood flow to help your body stay warm. Additionally, studies show that due to immune system compounds helping your body fight off cold and flu viruses, this can actually pack more plaque in your artery walls. 

So what can you do to improve your heart health during these bitter cold days? The best way, is to dress in layers! Your sense of cold can actually diminish as you get older, so always remember to wear a hat and gloves, even when you don’t think you need to. You can also decrease your intake of high-fat goodies and alcohol. This can be a challenge since winter months encourage the consumption of these things, but you don’t have to cut them out altogether! Simply watch your intake so you don’t overindulge in these areas. 

Lastly, we recommend trying our Simply Cardio supplement. Simply Cardio promotes a healthy cardiovascular system as well as enhances athletic performance, reduces muscular weakness, and improves your energy and circulation! With the help of our supplement you can feel confident that you’ll make it through this season with a healthy heart and your loved ones by your side! 

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