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Holistic Health & Weight Management

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Holistic dietMind. Body. Spirit. We are a complex combination of things, thoughts and emotions, physical processes and chemical reactions. We’re not just brain or brawn, it's all connected. That’s the practical basis of a holistic approach to health.

If one part of the whole person is not working well, it affects all others. And imbalances can have a truly negative effect on overall health. The Holistic practitioner treats the person not the disease addressing all aspects of that persons life. And he or she treats the cause of the condition not the symptoms.
So how would an individual apply holistic principles to weight management? You and your Health Care Provider should conduct a practical assessment of your physical health including any current conditions, medications, diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc.

You need to also identify the underlying emotional or psychological  issues  that may impact your relationship with food and your body. The social aspect comes into play as well. The support of family and friends and/or being part of a like minded group is a key component.

With those factors in play you can then embark on a healthy dietary plan filled with whole organic foods, unsaturated fats and whole grains, bolstered by a realistic exercise plan to get you moving on the road to a healthier you!

Last but not least, consider complimenting your holistic  weight management routine with wholesome all food supplements from Food Research.

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