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Experience life with eyes wide open! Get the most out of your vision by improving it with our Complete Eye Health whole food supplement.

It can be argued, but it seems all too obvious, that we are glued to our smartphones and that such frequent attention to our small screens is causing eye straining and therefore negatively affecting one’s vision. On top of that, as we age, we can become vulnerable to vision loss and other eye conditions that lead to it, such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. To us, it seems counterintuitive to assist degenerative vision with frequent use of one’s smartphone, but we also understand phone-use for personal and work life is measured by an individual’s own preference.

However you strike your own balance, Food Research offers Complete Eye Health to support eye health and proper eye moisture. It’s a rare whole food supplement composed of wildcrafted foods, food complexes, and food concentrates. The potent nutrients, herbs, and goat eye tissue (the last of which contains ocular peptides meant to support healthy eyes) provide real antioxidants and serve as an anti-aging detoxifier.

We encourage you to focus for a moment on the big picture and look into a life of healthy vision with our Complete Eye Health whole food supplement!

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