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Matters of the Heart

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Find the perfect match—the real deal—for supporting a healthy cardiovascular system.

We’re talking supplements. Supplements made with real food for better absorption and better benefits for your internal well-being. That’s what you’ll get with whole food supplements by Food Research.

For instance, with matters of the heart, many people choose Cardio-Power, Simply Cardio, and CoQ10-Cardio—three natural formulas from Buy Food Research.

Cardio-Power is a nutrient-dense, herbal, and glandular mixture of 100% food. Simply Cardio is a pure glandular formula of bovine heart tissue, which naturally contains vital heart nutrients intended to reduce muscular weakness. Both are intended to improve circulation and energy, to enhance athletic performance, and to optimally maintain and support cardio-muscle health.

For vegetarians, check out CoQ10-Cardio. It contains Coenzyme Q10 from plants and wildcrafted herbs to support a healthy cardiovascular system. This whole food supplement also supports gum health and is superior antioxidant protection for the whole cardiovascular system.

Feed your heart and improve circulation and energy with real whole food supplements!

Matters of the Heart

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