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Maximize Your Probiotics

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Probiotics are important. We’ve heard it from our Doctors, we hear it on commercials... we get it! But, they rarely answer the most important question:

How do we maximize these helpful enzymes?

It’s simple! Here are some key components...

The most important thing is that you are getting them into your body!

There is no strict daily dosage on probiotics. However it is recommended that you consume one billion to ten billion live probiotics at a time. From yogurt to tempeh to supplements, the first step is getting them to your gut.

The intake of probiotics should be daily.

Make sure you are eating fresh probiotic foods and taking supplements daily. Unlike native gut microorganisms, they cannot stay in your gut for a long period, so you must replenish them.

Take your supplements with meals.

This provides the probiotics with prebiotics and some protection from the harsh stomach environment, so they do not get destroyed before becoming active. Surprisingly, ice cream improves probiotic survival (as if you needed an excuse to have ice cream in the summer).  

There are supplements in the form of pills or a shake! Find which all natural probiotic fits your lifestyle!

For an all natural probiotic boost, be sure to take a look at our Pro-Enzymes and Probio-Zyme-YST supplements.

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