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As the calendar advances, it’s time to consider spring cleaning...and we don’t mean house work. Many natural health experts recommend a seasonal detox. The methods vary, but nearly all stress the importance of good nutrition and drinking ample amounts of pure water.  

Helpful suggestions include:
-Decrease your sugar intake (eat whole fresh fruit instead)
-Start your day with a large glass of lemon water ( 1/2  of a fresh squeezed organic lemon is best)
-Exercise daily
-Eat organic and concentrate on a variety of fruits and veg, whole grains, legume, nuts and seeds

Natural, wildcrafted and organic whole-food supplements are another increasingly popular choice. Food Research offers an extensive range of products specifically formulated for blood detoxification, colon detoxification and kidney detoxification. Products include Detox-N-Cleanse, Liva Detox & Support, and Green Vegetable Alkalizer.

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