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New Year, New Resolutions - Maybe?

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The New Year is here, and the start of a new decade can be more enticing than ever! If you’re like the majority of the population, you’ve probably already made your New Year’s resolution. But, did you know that only 8% of individuals actually stick to their New Year’s resolution? If you’re not surprised it’s probably because you’ve experienced the slow decline of your resolution once or twice before.
So how does the 8% do it? How do they stay motivated and energized enough to follow through and achieve that goal? Luckily for you, we found the perfect tips and tricks to help you stay on top of your New Year’s resolution.
1. Choose a specific, realistic goal - Instead of choosing to “lose weight,” be specific! Make a point to lose 15 pounds, or run a 5k!
2. Pick one resolution - Even though you may have a list a mile long of goals you’re looking to achieve, focus on one. Establishing behavioral patterns takes time, and focusing on one thing at a time makes your resolution much more achievable.
3. Don’t wait until the last minute - Achieving goals takes time and planning, so map out a detailed plan of your resolution. Studies show that without a plan in place, people are more likely to jump ship when they hit an inconvenience or obstacle.
    To read more great tips like these, check out’s full article on how to stay motivated and focused on your resolutions. 
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