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Practice Social Distancing With Summer Workouts

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Your summer workouts no longer have to suffer due to social distancing! Check out our three suggestions on how you can maintain your summer workouts and boost your immune system while practicing social distancing.

  1. Virtual Classes/Apps.
    If you haven’t tried any virtual classes yet, there are still plenty you can try! Virtual classes allow you to follow a routine, and with an app, you can easily track your progress. Most online classes and apps do require payment, but there are quite a few that offer free trials - especially due to the pandemic.

  2. Utilize Nature.
    Since it’s officially summertime, take advantage of the nice weather and what nature has to offer you. Cycling, swimming, walking in the park, hiking on free National Park days - these are just a few opportunities where you can exercise at a safe distance, AND enjoy the outdoors.

  3. Use What You Have.
    You don’t need an at-home gym set to get the full benefit of a workout. In fact, you can work out with limited to no items. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, use soup cans as light weights to add resistance to your at-home workout. Or simply focus on exercises that don’t require a set of weights.

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