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Protect Your Skin: UV Rays Are Out To Play

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By this point in your life it’s likely that you have heard about UV rays and the health risks they pose. In fact, you’re probably so aware you find it annoying when you’re reminded. But, what’s the harm in one more reminder?

July is UV Safety Month! UV safety is extremely important because how well you protect yourself from the harmful rays can literally mean life or death.

Here are a few ways to protect yourself from the UV rays this summer.

1. Wear sunscreen

Easy, right? Apply sunscreen whenever you plan on spending time outside, it will protect you from UV rays and sunburn.

2. Wear clothing

If you’re spending your day by the pool, throw a shirt on to help protect yourself. Even on a cloudy day UV rays are still out to play.

3. Pay attention to the UV Index

The UV Index measures the daily intensity of UV rays. So the next time you plan on spending the entire day outside, take a look at the UV Index to decide how much sunscreen you need to apply.

These tips should help you to avoid harmful UV rays, but no matter what it’s important to stay smart. Spend your summer safe and block out the rays. For added protection, try Food Research’s Thymo-Immune and Simply Thymus. Both of these supplements are beneficial to your overall health and even support skin health!

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