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The Power of Vitamin E

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Power of E

Vitamin E is a popular supplement. Some people have been taking it for decades and even give it in small doses to their pets. When you discover the virtues of this remarkable substance, (it helps protect cell membranes against damage by free radicals, among other things) you might also consider the source.

First of all you want a natural vitamin E that contains all the complexes and enzymes, not a USP or synthetic form like E Acetate.

Second, to be properly absorbed It must be taken with food that contains fat so if you’re taking a 100% Food Vitamin E, you can skip that step entirely!And last, but not least, just as most natural health advocates tell your to avoid GMOs, pesticides and chemicals in your food, you should also avoid them in your supplements.

All this narrows the field by better than 99% to Selenium E and Wheat Germ Oil E from Food Research, two superior natural Vitamin E sources made from food with no chemical or toxic additives.

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