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Win While You Lose (Weight)

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So you’re considering a diet. How do you take the necessary steps to fit into that dress, those jeans, or that suit and stay at peak performance? You supplement your weight loss regimen with Vitamin & Mineral Shakes or Vitamin-Mineral tablets from Food Research.

You can skimp on calories without sacrificing the nutrients your body needs to stay active and alert. These all-food vitamin/mineral formulas supply the essentials, plus naturally occurring lipids and proteins, amino acids, trace minerals, and antioxidants. The shake can be mixed with water, juice, goat or cow milk, or milk substitute. For example two scoops of Vitamin & Mineral Shake in 16 ounces of goat milk provides over 20 grams of protein. It contains probiotics for friendly digestion and glucose tolerance factor chromium to help support low glycemic blood sugar.

The Vitamin-Mineral tablets assist your diet plan by filling in the nutritional gaps. Two (2) tablets a day supply 100% or more of the most important nutrients. Both the shake and the tablets are 100% food, vegetarian formulas with no synthetics, toxins, GMOs, pesticides, preservatives, soy, dairy, corn, or gluten.

Win while you lose (weight) by properly supporting your body and your brain with healthy vitamin/mineral formulas from Food Research.

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