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The Dramatic Difference

What makes Food Research products so dramatically different? Three basic components.  Superior 100% natural food sources, innovative processing, and meticulous quality control.  Food Research products NEVER contain any synthetic/Isolated USP nutrients, GMOs, pesticides, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavoring.

1. Superior 100% Natural Food sources

Food Research source plants are organically grown or wildcrafted tested to meet FDA cGMP standards or as with the density food nurtrients, they are specially grown in an eco friendly,  FDA registered, low temperature hydroponic environment. The form of farming hydroponics is pesticide-free and proven to increase and maintain the natural concentration of vital nutrients including enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Further we use no GMOs (genetically Modified Organisms) ever.

2. Innovative processing - No additives!

The Food Research manufacturing process is cold-fusion based and environmentally friendly.  To insure the highest possible nutritional integrity, all of Food Research products are made from raw foods that are dried and processed slowly at low temperatures. The only binder ever used for Food Research tablets is purified water. The only filler used for Food Research capsules is organic brown rice. And all capsules are strictly vegan…no gelatin is used, ever. This proprietary process in FDA registered facilities has all passed independent audits to insure compliance with the highest GMP standards.

3. Meticulous quality control

Food Research’s quality control is uncompromising. Every batch of every product is tested to insure that they exceed the highest quality standards in the dietary supplement industry. For example, natural vitamin and mineral products are tested on an average of 7-9 times. Testing occurs at every stage for all products from incoming ingredients, throughout the manufacturing process, to the final products for purity, potency, size, weight, and digestibility.

Your body knows the difference. From the time they enter your system, Food Research natural whole food supplements function differently. The nutrients are complete, easy on the digestion and bio-available. Because they are real foods, they contain natural enzymes, protein chaperones, peptides, and other factors required for the proper utilization of nutrients by the body. Simply put…these natural 100% food for life products are safer and more effective than the vast majority of vitamins and minerals on the market.


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