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A Digestion Friendly 4th!

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Fourth of July

Planning an Independence Day menu can be fun. You could be creative and go natural at the same time by including patriotically appropriate red, white, and blue foods like tomatoes and raspberries, white corn and goat cheese, blueberries and blue foot mushrooms. The possibilities are endless!

Even if you stick with more traditional American fare like grilled burgers (meat & veggie) and potato salad, you can preplan some digestive intervention by including a fruit salad with papaya and pineapple, rich in digestive enzymes. Add a good natural brand of frozen yogurt for a digestion friendly dessert.

The last place you want fireworks is in your gut!

Eat wisely and consider the virtues of an excellent quality prebiotic and probiotic supplement like Probio-Zyme-YST from Food Research. Go Fourth and enjoy your Independence Day celebration! 

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