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A Healthy Routine for a Healthy New Year

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A new year brings change, opportunity, and a new perspective. This year, change your perspective on your health. Make it a priority!

A simple way to focus on your health is by making time for your health.
What do we mean by that? Pencil in appointments with yourself. You heard that correctly. Make your personal health a priority by scheduling time in your busy life for emotional, mental, and physical health.

Prioritize Emotional & Mental Health

We all need a foundation. Believe it or not, supporting your emotional and mental health will help you achieve this. Set aside time in your schedule for quiet, meditative moments. This can be 20 minutes of reading or tea time before the workday, an hour of no technology, or journaling before bed. Rest your brain, gather your thoughts, reflect. Simple moments like these go a long way for your mental health. 

Support With Whole Food Vitamins

Support your mental health by taking nutritional supplements. You may be lacking in certain vitamins or minerals, dragging you down every day. Boost your mood, ease stress, and support your emotional well being with whole food vitamin supplements like Anxie-Tone.

Prioritize Physical Health

At the start of every week, schedule time for fitness. Set aside time before a busy work day for a run, weight training, punching a speed bag, or yoga. Focusing and setting aside time to get your heart rate up will relieve stress, boost energy, and most importantly, get you on track to a healthier routine. 

Support With Whole Food Vitamins

Start with a strong nutritional foundation to achieve optimum physical health. There are supplements that can support you whether you’re focused on extreme sports, everyday fitness, or weight loss and management. Give your body the fuel it needs with real whole food vitamins.

Prioritize Your Supplements

One of the biggest issues people have with taking supplements is remembering to take them. Pencil it into your calendar or set a daily time and make it a habit by adding it to something you do every day. Use a vitamin organizer for easy access and place it next to your coffee maker or your toothbrush. Make it an essential part of your day so you can obtain the essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy lifestyle. 


Start off this year in control of something – your health! When you prioritize your personal health, you feel better, you’re ready to take on the day, and life gets a little bit easier. A healthy routine will make it a healthy new year.

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