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Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? Winter months dragging you down? Consider these energy-boosting tips to get you back on your feet and your head in the game.

Give me a BOOST

Most of us look for quick energy boosts to get us through the day. Chocolate is always an MVP, coffee is a main contender, and, of course, a power nap is a home run.

These natural solutions will boost and maintain your energy, so you can consistently feel your best.

Eat All-Star Natural Energy Boosters

Our bodies are like the vehicles we drive — if they aren’t fueled, they don’t run. How well they run depends on the type of fuel we use.

Stay away from ‘quick fuel’, like candy, doughnuts, and sugary drinks. These sugars enter your blood quickly and leave you tired and hungry shortly after. Instead, choose long-term energy boosting foods. Fill your diet with complex carbs, healthy fats, and proteins (oatmeal, eggs, spinach, nuts, and sweet potatoes to name a few). These foods satisfy hunger and provide a slow and steady stream of energy. Slow and steady wins the race, right?


More sleep, more energy. But this isn’t always the case. Believe it or not, you could be getting too much sleep. If you sleep a full eight hours and still have limited energy throughout the day, consider limiting the hours you sleep. Hypersomnia, or “oversleeping,” is a real thing and can be the main contributor to your lack of energy.


Taking supplements is intended to bridge the nutritional gaps in our diets. It can also give you a much needed boost without the stress of meal planning and a strict sleep schedule. 

Buy Food Research offers whole food supplements that support and enhance energy levels. Here are two of our top picks:

  • Simply Adrenal — supports the adrenal gland (a natural energy enhancer) and balances your mood for better days ahead.
  • Choline Complex — Choline is key! It allows B vitamins to focus on converting nutrients into energy. It promotes a positive mood and optimizes energy levels.

    Don’t let lack of energy be an excuse. Fuel your body, get the right amount of sleep, and add natural, real food supplements to enhance your energy every day.

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