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Alkalize and Balance Your PH

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Over time acidity within your body can deplete oxygen levels and damage cells, tissues, joints, organs, and glands.
So it’s not too surprising that there’s a lot of buzz about alkalizing your PH for good health. Some of it is very sensible information. Like choosing organic non-GMO food, sticking to alkaline selections (such as most fruit and vegetables), and reducing your consumption of meat, fowl, refined sugars, and flours. All good.

Some people add exercise and fresh air to the list of recommendations and also suggest avoiding chemical air fresheners and scented candles.
And many health care providers recommend a natural alkalizer and/or digestive enzymes to help the process along. There are none better or more digestible than Green Vegetable Alkalizer, Digesti Pan, and Probio-Zyme–Yst from Food Research. All natural food-based supplements offer better absorption for maximum benefits.

Discover more about these all natural supplements and how they can help your body alkalize.

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