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The Simple Truth About Calcium

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Leafy Greens

The fact that Calcium is required for good health is a given, but here are a couple of additional things you need to know.

One: To properly absorb Calcium, your body needs Magnesium.  This combination is frequently found in nature, in green plants like spinach and kale. It is an essential component for assimilating both Vitamin D and Calcium. That’s why Calcium supplements are often paired with Magnesium.

Two: Nearly all Calcium supplements, including those labeled “natural” or “food based,” are not what they seem. Actually calcium citrate, calcium ascorbate, calcium gluconate, calcium lactate, and other forms of this mineral are really calcium carbonate (commonly known as limestone or chalk) processed with various acids or chemicals.

What can a discerning person do? Read labels. Take a real-food Calcium Magnesium supplement like Cal-Mag Complex from Food Research. Real food is really simple and easier to digest. For more info click here.

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