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Autumn and the Immune System

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Autumn ExerciseAutumn has arrived and with the cooling temps and colorful leaves, comes an increased risk of colds and flu. Time to makeover your immune system along with your wardrobe. Do a little personal inventory. What is your diet like? Exercise? Fluid intake? Supplements? Sleep habits? All these are vital factors in the health of your immune system.

Diet: Nourishing soups and stews are an excellent way to get the nutrients you need to boost your immune system and to help keep your body properly hydrated. Make sure you use fresh organic produce, unsaturated fats and natural, high-fiber grains. The more goodness you put into your menu, the more benefits you’ll get out of it. And don’t forget fluids, one ounce for every 2 pounds of your weight is the minimum requirement. Drink pure clean water, not stored in plastic along with unsweetened natural drinks like herbal tea or organic broth.

Exercise: Moderate to vigorous exercise reduces the risk of upper respiratory infections and supports the immune system. Be realistic and come up with a plan that you can live with.

Sleep: You need to get enough Zs. Sleep deprivation makes the body more susceptible to colds and flu. If this is a problem area for you, do a little research there are lots of natural steps you can take to improve you sleep including adding some foods that can help like tryptophan rich nuts, seeds and turkey.

Last but not least are your supplements. Make sure they are natural, all food supplements with no additives or preservatives like the immune support formulas from Food Research.

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