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The Risks of an Extra 10 Pounds

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extra 10 poundsHere's a interesting and not-so-healthy stat: over 70% of adults and one third of children in the U.S. are obese or overweight. That represents a significant increase over the last decade.

The risks of obesity are well documented, but what about people that just carry 10 or more extra pounds? That’s 30% of adults. And that spare tire could cause some significant health problems.

The risk for diabetes actually doubles even for people ten pounds over their ideal weight. It also increases the risk of high blood pressure, gallstones, heart disease, and a number of cancers, including colon cancer. So what can you do to avoid or get rid of those extra pounds? There are two main and fairly obvious solutions.

1. Move your body! Sitting down all day can cause a lot of problems, such as weight gain. If your job has you sitting at a desk, try standing and stretching periodically. Walk around a bit, such as on your lunch break. Or go that extra mile and walk or bike to work if it's a practical option for you.

2. Improve your diet. Eat better by eliminating unhealthy food and drink. You know the drill. Get rid of refined sugar and flour, saturated fats and over-processed foods. Go easy on the carbs and drink more water (not stored in plastic!), and perhaps with a squeeze of fresh lemon to help alkalize your system.

Speaking of eating, ever do it mindfully? Too many times we hit a bad patch and stuff whatever is available into our mouths without even thinking. That may very well include highly-processed snack foods or sugary treats. So think of your portions and choices before you eat or drink!

Some of those choices may include adding real food natural supplements to your day to help reduce cravings and boost metabolism, such as Gluco Sugar Balance and Metabolic Thyro from Food Research.

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