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Added Sugar, Added Problems

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Added sugar  labelPost-Halloween and pre-holiday season may be an auspicious time to mention that sugar wrecks your health. And like drugs and alcohol, it is a destructive addiction if not held in check. You know what you're getting if you hit the sugar bowl or unwrap some candy, but what about the 'added sugar' in products that you may not know about?

Americans average about 3 pounds (or 6 cups) of sugar per week! Statistically, the amount goes up per capita every year, much of that due to added sugars. Hidden or added sugar is what is added to processed foods to make it more appealing to the taste buds. It hides in everything from peanut butter to tomato sauce. The label doesn’t spell out 'added sugar,' so you have to be aware that sucrose, dextrose or almost any word ending in “ose” is sugar in a processed and refined form. So is corn syrup, malt syrup, and pancake syrup. Even the natural sugars that do have some nutritional value, like molasses and fruit juice, can still be considered added sugar when blended with products.

So, what can all that sugar do to your body? It's bad for your teeth, skin, joints, and waistline. It can impact brain function and may cause liver disease, heart disease, certain cancers, leaky gut, and diabetes.

The moral of the story? Read labels and be aware of what you’re eating. You may even want to experiment with wholesome and natural sugar alternatives like Green Stevia. Getting enough high-quality protein, fiber, and fermented foods can help you lose your sugar cravings, too.

What's another way? Consider the extra benefits of natural real food supplements like Gluco-Sugar Balance to help balance blood sugar levels and reduce sugar cravings.

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