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Sleep with pugNothing is more important than getting the proper amount of sleep. It’s when your body replenishes itself. Seven hours each night is the recommended amount, at least. And yet according to statistics, more than a third of adults in this country average less than 6 hours a night. Inadequate sleep can lead to depression, memory problems, increased weight gain, and lower one's resistance to disease.

If you’re having a problem getting enough sleep, there are simple solutions to try. Make yourself comfortable by adjusting the temperature, eliminating noise (use earplugs, if necessary), and minimizing distractions (keep those phones, tablets, and laptops out of the bedroom).

Is your mind too active? Try simple breathing techniques or stretching exercises. Adequate exercise, in general, at least 4 times a week can make your sleep quality improve dramatically.

Assess the state of your mattress and pillows. Worn-out bedding can pose a real problem. Invest in a good quality mattress or consider a therapeutic mattress topper as an effective and more affordable option. The right bedding can be life changing!

Avoid late night snacks. If you can’t live without a few bites, stay clear of refined sugar and carbs. Instead, try a handful of cashews with a ¼ cup of dried fruit or a little almond butter on whole grain bread.

Last but not least, try adding natural Melatonin or Tryptophan to your diet, available in real food supplements like Restful Mind Support and Vegetarian Tryptophan from Food Research. Sweet dreams!

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