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Holiday MealThanksgiving is traditionally a time of great food and lots of it. If you’re trying to celebrate the occasion without totally blowing your diet, here are few pointers to trim by.

Choose wisely. If you’re drinking alcohol, try a wine spritzer. They have fewer calories and even a bit of nutritional value. Choose baked chips and yogurt dips, maybe even bring your own! There are many healthy recipes online if you're contributing a dish or two.

In it for the turkey (or veg-turkey)? Choose white over dark meat and go easy on the gravy. If you have a choice, choose baked potatoes over mashed, fried or scalloped. Skip the candied yams and go for the sweet potatoes. Roasted, boiled, and raw vegetables are healthy options, too. And as a rule, don’t go back for seconds and thirds—save it for dessert!

If it's a holiday or any day and you're aiming to keep your health in check, another option you may prefer is intermittent fasting. That is, fasting three or more days a weeks for sixteen hours a day (including the eight hours or so that you are asleep).

And in the time that you are eating and fueling your body, you may find your preference for real food supplements to help support your diet, including Vitamin-Mineral and Pro-Enzymes from Food Research. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Jen

    This is a great post. I love reading these. I look forward to them every week.

  • Jack Smith

    I tend to be one who overeats at Thanksgiving. This is pretty good stuff.

  • Ted Krueger

    Interesting stuff. Great post!

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