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Boost Your Health in Deep Winter

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Colder weather and shorter days don’t need to slog you down. While many a report has shown the negative effects of winter weather on mind and body, there are natural and proactive ways to stay energetic, fit, and healthy throughout the season.

It may be warmer indoors and underneath the covers, but if you make up your mind to get up and get moving, your body will most likely thank you from the inside out...especially in time for beach weather (which may be sooner than later for you winter vacationers!).

While we always encourage routine exercise and a diet of healthy organic foods, there are natural whole food supplements by Food Research to support your nutrition and boost your body for optimal performance.

Take for instance whole food supplement High Stress Adrenal. Different from synthetic supplements promoting similar benefits, High Stress Adrenal is rare in that it is made of natural B vitamins to feed your body and help handle stress and fatigue.

Complement this and kick-start your day with a Weight Management Breakfast Nutritional Pack. The pack contains real food supplements Metabolic Thyro, Vitamin-Mineral, and Choline Complex that work together to help your body’s digestion and absorption to get the most nutritional benefit from the food you choose to eat at the beginning of the day.

In sunshine and cold, begin a new year of healthy mindful eating and living with real whole food supplements from!

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