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How about a New Year Detox?

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Dry January

2018, here we come! May it be a year of improved health, energy, and wellness.

Where will you start?

Sure, that gym membership key tag looks impressive on your ring. But are you using it?

That drive-thru menu looks fast and full of greasy deliciousness. But why not try a few organic-based dishes during the week?

And how about afterwork happy hours? Would you consider making it a Dry January?

Popular in England and gaining steam stateside, with Dry January, participants make a personal choice to abstain from alcohol for the entire month. Although there is limited research on how one month without alcohol affects your body, studies have shown that such a choice can benefit your health.

For instance, in one such study, those who abstained from alcohol for one month had lower levels of liver fat. Higher levels can lead to liver damage.

Getting healthy is a common New Year's resolution, and should be! As we exercise, we can also exercise our appetite with mindful ingesting of nutritious food and drink to detox and fortify our bodies.

To support this, Food Research provides real food supplements that are 100% free of synthetics and toxins and meant to naturally help your body and mind for optimal performance.

As in this case, Food Research’s Liva DeTox & Support can be a beneficial option in supporting a healthy liver. It’s made of 100% real food ingredients, such as wildcrafted beet root and milk thistle, and also bovine liver and bovine spleen glandulars sourced exclusively from clean New Zealand cows — a potent all-natural combination for detoxing and for supporting a healthy lymphatic system.

Discover more about this real food detox supplement.

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