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Boost Your Immune System

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We don’t just connect on social media. We have family, friends, clients, coworkers; we shop, keep appointments, go to parties, get take-out. Anything we do that puts us in contact with humans means exposure to germs.  So how do you avoid the host of viruses that circulate and communicate on contact? You can wear gloves and a mask, but it’s not a great look for everyday. There are natural methods you can employ that blend science and common sense.
You need to get adequate amounts of sleep, manage stress, avoid smoking cigarettes, cut down alcohol & coffee consumption and include healthy food and drink in your diet.

Many health care professional advocate a high quality probiotic, herbal mix  and/or vitamin D found in Vira-Bac-Yst, Conga-Immune, Probio-Zyme-Yst and D Complex from Food Research.  Or you could go further afield to Asian methods used for hundreds of years to boost immunity, like our popular East meets West mix Vira-Chron.

For more info visit the immune support section of the Product Selector Guide

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