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Most American adults use dietary supplements. Just as we may tend to look out for our own well-being by purposefully eating non-GMO food grown without chemical fertilizers and insecticides, it’s just as important to know if your supplements are the real thing and entirely whole food-based without additives.

Believe it or not, there are supplement brands out there with products composed of synthetics and additives you should avoid. Check the label.

The most common additives to avoid are:
Magnesium Stearate. (Flow Agent, Binder) 
Stearic Acid. (Flow Agent, Lubricant)
Carrageenan. (Thickening Agent)
Gelatin. (Encapsulation Coating, Binder)
Titanium Dioxide. (Coloring)
Silicon Dioxide. (Flow Agent)
Lanolin. (Diluent)
Glycerin. (Preservative, Sweetener, Lubricant)

It doesn’t stop there. Many food-based supplements are just USP vitamins and mineral salts mixed with some food. Again read the label. Any so-called food supplements that contain one or more of the following are NOT whole food supplements:
Ascorbic acid
Calcium carbonate
Calcium lactate
Chromium picolinate
Folic acid
Magnesium oxide
Pantothenic acid
Thiamin HCL (Thiamin hydrochloride)
Thiamin mononitrate
Pyridoxine hydrochloride
Vitamin A acetate
Vitamin A palmitate
Vitamin E acetate
Zinc oxide

Keep it simple and save time deciding with our supplements at Buy Food Research. They are entirely whole food based and do not contain any additives, synthetics, or toxins. 

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