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Cutting Calories, Not Quality

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“You can’t be too rich or too thin.” Wallis Simpson said that and like many things the infamous Duchess said it is only partially true. Too thin is not a healthy state for most people. Maintaining lean muscle and the ideal body fat percentage (14-25% is the accepted range for most people depending on gender, age, and activity) make for healthy living.

You can lose weight by exercising and eating food that is low in calories or has a low glycemic index. But quality is every bit essential to optimum health as quantity. As warmer weather beckons, the thought of slimming down is an increasingly attractive concept.

For the glass…lots of water is important. Take your weight, divide it in half. That’s how many ounces per day you should drink. Some say to add an extra 10 ounces for every cup of coffee. For the plate…organic, locally grown food is almost always far more flavorful. Use natural spices and herbs. Big on flavor helps when portions are smaller.

The other secret weapon is natural food vitamins. Skimping on calories is ok if you don’t skimp on essential nutrients. Nutritional drinks packed with vitamins and minerals can also be a great meal replacement. Once again quality counts. Who would advocate pumping in toxic chemicals while trying to cleanse the system of toxic chemicals? Buy Food Research makes natural food supplements with no nasty extras.

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