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Don’t Sit On This!

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sitting too muchToo much sitting is not only bad for your health; it can actually shorten your life! Studies suggest that people who sit most of the day are much more likely to wreck their backs and/or suffer from heart disease, diabetes, dementia and other serious conditions.

If you’re figuring that your daily workout counteracts the effects of sitting, it's not so. An hour a day of vigorous exercise does not undo the rest of the day in a chair or on a couch. You need to stand and stretch every 30 minutes. Get a raised desk or make your own. Take a walk at lunchtime even if it’s around the building. Any movement at all is a big improvement. It can lead to all sorts of good things including weight loss and improved energy. Move it or lose it, as they say.

Even correcting your posture while seated can be beneficial.Your feet should be parallel to the floor, your spine straight and your eye level even with the top of your screen.Take a look at the diagrams online and make adjustments. It’s worth the effort.

Don’t sit on it! Take some basic precautions now to help preserve your mobility and prolong your life. And consider bolstering your efforts with top quality, all food natural supplements that support proper musculoskeletal function from Food Research.


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