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Healthy Trends for 2019

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healthy trends

With the New Year comes a new list of the health and wellness trends. Some of the top picks include the following:

Virtual training and online workout subscriptions are increasingly popular. Not everyone has the will, the expendable income and/or the time to go to the gym. Many people find it’s more convenient to workout at home. You get most of the benefits and none of the drawbacks of attending live classes.You don’t have to drive anywhere, be on time, dress appropriately or engage in small talk. Best of all you can shower and dress at home and get on with your day!

Reducing meat consumption is a continuing trend. Nothing new here but research keeps piling up the reasons why this is a good idea. It’s better for your health to reduce or eliminate saturated fats found in meats and it's better for the planet to reduce the carbon footprint of what is on your plate. Cutting down or eliminating animal protein is the best way to accomplish both.

Last but not least Prebiotics and probiotics for better gut health are on the top of many lists again this year. Processed foods, medications like antibiotics, allergies,  and other common causes can destroy or reduce the friendly flora in your digestive system. The good news is there are more and more wholesome probiotic and prebiotic foods readily available like plain, raw kefir and yogurts. You will also find all natural, all-food probiotics and prebiotics in supplements like Probio-Zyme-YST from Food Research.

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