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holiday menuPlanning Holiday dinners? Why not include vegetarian entrees as well as the traditional turkeys and hams to accommodate your non-meat eating guests or just to provide healthy choices for all. 

The possibilities are varied, delicious and nearly endless. Many Asian, Middle Eastern and Italian staples are vegetarian or vegan. Consider dishes like meatless Lasagna, Palak Paneer, Falafel with hummus or Tofu Lo Mein.  Other ethic recipes can be adapted like sweet potato and ricotta pierogies or vegetarian shepherd’s pie. Soups, stews, quiches and chili can all be flavorful without adding meat.

Try something new. There are countless recipes available on line that your vegetarian and your omnivore guests can eat together and enjoy!

You can apply the same rules to your supplements. See the all-food natural formulas for vegetarians and omnivores available now from Food Research.

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