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Natural products for external use including makeup, moisturizers, sunblocks, deodorants and hair products are gaining more traction with health conscious consumers. Some say it’s the ‘new organic food’. It makes sense. Why eliminate nasty chemicals from your food and then slather them on your face?

With consumers looking for pure, natural products for skin, hair, teeth and nails, companies are responding to the demand. And not just niche players but giant corporations who are putting out health and wellness lines to cash in on the trend.

What to look for? As always read the labels, you don’t want sulfates and other chemicals. The more your body lotion (etc.) reads like a food menu, the more likely it’s a wholesome product. There are all sorts of lists and articles including a database put out by a watchdog organization that rates products. Find reliable sources and explore.

Last but not least, don’t overlook the obvious. Products you may already have in your cupboard like unrefined coconut oil and aloe gel are great for the skin. And that includes the amazing Vitamin E. Many woman (including some famous ones!) pierce a Vitamin E oil cap and apply to face and dry area of the body. Simple and easy! Be sure to use a pure unadulterated source like natural Wheat Germ Oil E from Food Research. And enjoy!

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