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Natural Hormone Balance

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A woman’s hormones can be out of balance for many reasons. Some experts maintain that a natural approach to restoring a proper balance can be achieved through diet.

For example, many women suffer from low levels of progesterone. This happens for a number of reasons including exposure to chemicals in food, air and water, known as xenoestrogens. Stronger than human estrogen, xenoestrogens throw off the body’s delicate hormonal balance. They are found in plastic water bottles, pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics, insecticides, cookware, shellfish and many other products in daily use.

Other common culprits are animal products including diary, meat, poultry eggs, etc. Unless they are organic they were probably treated with hormones that can lower your body’s healthy progesterone.

So what can you do to achieve a proper balance? Choose chemical free products including cosmetics, beauty aids, garden and cleaning products. Choose organic meats and dairy. Avoid plastic containers and treated cookware (including non-stick.)

Eliminate or cut down on sugar and refined carbs.  Do your best to reduce stress. Exercise Daily. And consider wholesome supplements that help balance your hormones like Vitamin C Complex and  Le Feminine Advantage from Food Research.

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