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How do you treat that Halloween sugar high?

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Sugar High

Are you halfway down the bowl, wrappers scattered on your lap and table? This time of year, chocolates, gummies, and other confectionary delights are there for the taking and to satisfy that hint of a craving that only grows in every fun-sized bite.

But it was just Halloween! you’re thinking. I’m taking care of my kids’ health, they shouldn’t eat ALL of it.

We know, and yes, after carving pumpkins, making costumes, and shuffling door to door with the kids, you’ve earned the right to share in the spoils. Just make sure you’re taking care of your health, too.

Instead of a handful of sweets, be selective and try to limit it to a precious few. For reference, check out the Halloween candies with the most sugar.

A unique way to temper your sweet cravings is by taking whole food supplement Gluco-Sugar Balance from Food Research. It’s a rare blend of real food, plant-sourced nutrients — including real chromium GTF and food vanadium — to help cut cravings and regulate blood sugar levels naturally. And since it’s made of real food ingredients, it’s easy to digest and absorb its benefits without side effects.

Gluco-Sugar Balance is just the trick you need when you’re trying to limit the damages of refined sugary treats! Check out this whole food supplement here!

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