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Safe Chemical-Free Whole Food Supplements

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How healthy can your supplements be if they contain a ubiquitous chemical flow agent, such as magnesium stearate (also called vegetable stearate or stearic acid) or calcium stearate?

These chemicals are far from organic and many believe that they can be harmful to your body. Even if the jury is out, why consume these chemicals if you don’t have to?

If you’re into reading labels you will find one of these chemical additives in almost every supplement out there. The reason they are so widely used is because it’s cheaper and easier to use them.

We don’t go with the flow.

Food Research supplements are specially made with whole food and wildcrafted ingredients for better absorption to feed your body what it needs.

To get a taste and feel the benefits of a superior, healthy, and safe supplement, start with whole food multivitamin Vitamin-Mineral.

This supplement and all of Food Research's whole food supplements stay away from synthetics, toxins, GMOs, and chemical flow agents.

Don’t harm your body. Help it.

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