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Shake it up with a delicious Vitamin & Mineral Shake

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We get it. Maybe you’d like to break the routine every now and then and take your whole food supplements on the go in a smooth, delicious shake — something to add to your morning breakfast and commute or perhaps for a post workout cool down.

Enter Buy Food Research’s Vitamin & Mineral Shake. The only product of its kind packed with real food nutrients and in unmatched quantities. An excellent meal replacement option to also help you detoxify, manage your weight, and support cardiovascular health.

Among its organic and wildcrafted ingredients, it uniquely contains hemp protein and rice bran protein and is free of gluten, corn, soy, dairy, and artificial ingredients. Unlike most supplement products out there, we insist that our supplements and powders are made of real food nutrients so your body can absorb and utilize their benefits more fully and safely.

Mix it up this time around and drink your supplements with a quick and tasty Vitamin & Mineral Shake!

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