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Improve Your Respiratory System and Lung Health

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Our lungs are one of the most important organs in our body. They regulate breathing to keep us alive.

It’s important to take good care of your lungs to prevent illness and lung diseases from developing. You can work to maintain a strong respiratory system and lung function by taking proper precautions and care within your lifestyle choices, along with taking daily natural supplements. 

Lifestyle Tips

Smoking and vaping are harmful to your entire body, but more specifically, to your lung health. If you do smoke or vape, try some of these changes to resist temptation: 

-Nicotine patches
-Spend time with non-smoking friends
-Chew gum
-Implement a regular exercise routine

Staying up-to-date on vaccinations improves your lung health. The flu and pneumonia vaccines are encouraged to help prevent disease and infections that can occur within your lungs. Most flu shots are free at your local pharmacy. 

Regularly scheduled checkups with your doctor are also important. Even when you are feeling well, this will help in preventing illness – lung diseases, can often go undetected until they are severe. 

Increasing Lung Capacity

Increased lung capacity means increased oxygen into the bloodstream. This improved cardio-respiratory function also makes your muscles stronger and improves your energy level. 

Maintain and increase your lung capacity with these exercises:

-Diaphragmatic breathing: “belly breathing” engages the diaphragm (which does most of the heavy lifting when breathing).
-Pursed-lips breathing: this can slow down your breathing, limiting the work of breathing by helping your airways to stay open longer. 

Prevention is the best medicine. Working to keep your lungs healthy is easier than trying to repair them once something goes wrong. 

Aller-Lung Support Natural Supplements

Our goal at Food Research is to enhance your life and vitality with 100% natural whole food supplements. Our Aller-Lung Support supplement supplies the nutrients that are the building blocks to; maintain optimal sinus, lung, and immune system health, along with containing real antioxidants. 

Containing no:


Now is the time to get the nutrients you need and incorporate these tips into your daily routine for optimal lung health.

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