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Love the Gift of Wellness

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It’s Valentine’s week! With all of the distractions that come up in our everyday lives, there is nothing wrong with a little last minute shopping for the special someone(s) in your life. What better way to show someone you care for them than to give them the gift of health and well-being with all natural Food Research supplements? It’s not too late to find the perfect gift to show your love. Here are just a few of our products that may be a perfect fit.

For the Heart From the Heart

Cardio-Power - Supports a healthy cardiovascular system. 

CoQ10-Cardio - Supports a healthy heart.

For the Fitness Friend

Vitamin & Mineral Shake - Supports cardiovascular health and weight management.

Simply Cardio - Enhances athletic performance.

For Mom & Dad

Advanced Joint Complex - Supports joint health and relieves discomfort.

Conga-Immune - Provides enhanced immune health.

For the Vitamin Lover

C Complex - Provides a superior source of vitamin C.

B Stress Complex - Provides a superior source of B vitamins.

D Complex - Helps maintain healthy levels of vitamin D.

Selenium E - Supplies real food vitamin E.

See one that your sweetheart will love? Click right on the name to get more info. Looking for something different? Go to our homepage and start browsing, we have over 70 options for you to choose from to keep you and your loved ones healthy and loving the gift of wellness this Valentine’s Day.

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